A focus on creativity and happiness

Bee Happy Crafts is passionate about creativity and creating.

Numerous studies show that arts and crafts are good for the body, mind, and soul. It makes us happier, better, healthier, and more confident people. It improves our quality of life in general.

For about a decade now, our mission has been consistent: to enable and encourage Filipino crafters and artists.

We do this by offering the most extensive and updated collection of arts and crafts products in the country. From crafting staples to the latest arts and crafts products from well-loved brands all over the world -- we have them at Bee Happy Crafts.


Why the name Bee Happy Crafts?

The Force behind Bee Happy Crafts is named Ruby. People close to her call her Bee. She is a “Serial Crafter” who loves to try all sorts of arts and crafts projects. It has been her source of joy since childhood.

Her experience of having no access to many arts and crafts she saw online drove her to start Bee Happy Crafts. Crafting is not just Bee's hobby but also her source of comfort and peace during difficult times.

Aware of the many benefits, Bee advocates for everyone to invest in themselves and make arts and crafts a part of their lifestyle as a form of self-care.