Aleene's Stick and Restick Adhesive 4oz

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Aleene’s Stick & Restick offers a sticky hold for temporarily tacking items such as papers, craft items, fabric and trims onto a variety of surfaces. Its versatility and temporary tackiness also make it perfect for creating your own rubber stamp designs and DIY glue dots. Teachers will love using Stick & Restick in the classroom since it’s a great adhesive for hanging laminate decorations and projects.

o Appliqués
o Sequins
o Ribbons
o Trims
o Metal
o Wood
o Paper
o Plastic
o Glass
o Stencils

Not recommended:
o Silk
o Leather
o Rayon
o Polyester

Always test for best results.
Brush a thin coat on embellishment back. Let dry.
Blot away excess.
Reapply glue as needed.


To create a glue dot, apply adhesive to wax paper. Let dry. Peel away and place onto surface.
Customize the tip of the glue bottle according to the thickness of the glue laydown you need for your project. Cut the tip close to the top for less glue flow and towards the bottom for more flow.
Allow your Stick & Restick glue application to set for several minutes for better tacking properties before pressing onto another surface.
Stick & Restick is great for temporarily tacking up paperwork and art at home, the office and in classrooms, keeping craft mats sticky, using with laminated pictures, and for crafting needs such as holding stencils in place and making stamps.

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