Elmer's Magical Liquid for Making Slime 946ml

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946ml Elmer's magical liquid for making slime. All-in-one formula replaces contact lens solution and baking soda
Simply add to most Elmer's glue to make perfectly gooey Slime
Washable, safe, and nontoxic formula

Transform your favorite ELMER'S Glue into slime!
Introducing ELMER'S Magical Liquid!

Want to make slime without the hassle? Just mix Elmer's magical liquid with Elmer's glue to make multiple batches of perfectly gooey slime every time! It's the easy way to make glue slime at home with less mess and your ticket to family-friendly fun. Featuring an all-in-one formulation that has a washable, safe, and nontoxic formula, this solution transforms most Elmer's glue into slime without the need of contact lens solution and baking soda.

Washable, safe, and non-toxic formula.
All in one solution without the need of contact lens solution and baking soda.

Elmer's magical liquid is an all-in-one activating solution that transforms any
Elmer's glue into irresistibly goopy Slime.

Best paired with the following Elmer's Glue:
Elmer's Glue All Glue
Elmer's Glitter Glue Gel
Elmer's Colored Glue (Transparent & Opaque)
Elmer's Glow-in-the-Dark Glue
Elmer's Clear Glue

How to Use
1. Pour contents of Elmer's Glue into a bowl.
2. Add Elmer's Magical Liquid (A little at a time, until slime begins to form)
3. Stir & Knead until slime is fully formed.
4. Enjoy playing with your Slime!

Safety Reminders:
1. Wear apron and plastic gloves when making your slime.
2. Always wash your hands after playing with your slime.
3. Don't put your slime near your mouth and eyes while playing.
4. Adult supervision is required when making and playing with slime for 7 years old and below

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