Miya Square Watercolor Kit

Quantity: 12 colors
Sale price₱550.00
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 1 Square Watercolor 12, 24 or 36 colors

1 Painting Brush

1 Watercolor Pad ( 32K/20pcs)

2 Drawing Pencil

1 Fountain Pen

1 Pigment Liner

1 Drawing Eraser

1 Desktop Bucket

The watercolor paint consists of finely ground pigments, which has a small volume but a large capacity. Concentrated watercolor pigments are durable, and it only takes a little paint to create a large and vivid painting.

  • Safe & Non-Toxic- These paints are AP Certified making them safe for artists of all ages, and has excellent mixing properties, from light to dark, from delicate to dramatic.
  • High Pigmented Superior Permanence - Highest quality, with an elevated concentration of finely ground top permanence rating and durability pigments, make our solid watercolor paints durable and will not crack. And there's no chalky or grainy feel to them after they are dry. They are easy to blend colors and dry fast , fading resistant and have excellent fluid.
  • Create Your Artwork Anywhere - This watercolour paint set are suitable for beginners, painting lovers and artists . Ideal for coloring books, business cards, art diaries, sketching and creating your own artwork on watercolor pad .You can paint absolutely anywhere, the result and the presentation will surely show you it's a great value.

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